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Who We Are.

Chameleon WM CIC is a not for profit company that was setup in May 2011, by a mentor and his mentee. They then brought onboard three individuals who also have a passion for developing the community and our young people. Over the last twenty years our team has worked together or with others to develop a number of projects that have set the standards that others have followed.

We have seen a gap in the market, and aim to fill this with our short-term aims. While developing services for our long-term aims, where we will focus on an emerging market, addressing the issues of attainment and under aged drinking in our schools. We have spent the last two years consulting with students, teachers, parents and businesses. This has given us a better understanding of their needs, and what our database needs to do to address the issues.


Our story starts back in 2001 when the BME Awards Steering group was set-up in Stoke on Trent. Here a group of young people were brought together to develop, organise and manage an awards ceremony. A few of the young people from the project then worked with Jay to start the You Can Do It project which was funded by the European Social Fund. Followed by a two year consultation project with Haywood High in Stoke, Kenilworth High in Coventry and Bournville High in Birmingham.


The first issues the company has focused on is that of raising youth and artist unemployment. One in five unemployed young people claim that finding a job in the next year is "unachievable", warns a Prince's Trust and RBS report​. The Arts have received major cuts over the last few years, with funding cuts the possibility of artists securing contracts has reduced drastically.

Goals and Objectives

The business goals and objectives for this project will focus on implementing a community run events that focuses on providing the unemployed in our area with a new and interactive style of job fair that will make job hunting an experience to remember. While providing local businesses and artists with the opportunity to network and promote themselves:

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