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Volunteers Wanted


Our volunteers have the opportunity to work in a supportive environment that emphasises the development of your interests and skills and utilises your talents.

Are you a passionate, driven individual looking for a way to help out others while learning valuable business, personal and event management skills.

The project is looking for two types of volunteer: Youth Steering Group members and Event Stewards.

Become a member of the project youth steering group, as a member you will work in a team to design, develop and manage all aspects of the event. Or you can become an event steward; here you will work with us on the day of the event receive basic training and assist the events team.

Possible activities and teams;

- Planning / Coordination Team
- Project Development (marketing, fund raising, evaluation and monitoring)
- Stage Management Team (working with artists and musicians)
- Welcoming Team (helping users complete their registration form)
- Food / Refreshment Team
- Camera and Video Team
- Site Cleaning all volunteers

Come and be a part of our great and exciting Job Fair and Music Festival community event.

Volunteer Programme

Why volunteer?

- Develop leadership skills


- Gain new job skills
- Enhance job opportunities
- Explore new interests
- Network
- Develop essential life skills
- Be a part of a team
- Be challenged and stay motivated
- Build self confidence
- Make new friends
- Increase your knowledge on employment related issues
- Share your skills and talents
- Help strengthen the community
- Educate your peers
- Build your CV
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