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Alan Stancliffe
Head teacher
The Reginald Mitchell Primary School


Mr Gardiner was a true inspiration for our pupils. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are exceptional and his passion for his subject was overwhelming. A truly sensational learning experience for all involved.

Jill Chadwick
Parental Coordinator
Haywood High School & Engineering College

Over the past 10 years Jay has worked alongside students, parents, staff and members of the wider family from Haywood and our partner schools.  Jay’s knowledge of carnival history, costume and dance have provided us with many skills to produce amazing carnival costumes and his drive, enthusiasm and motivation has given us the confidence to hold our own annual carnival including a parade that winds through our local community.

Matthew Snape (Deputy Head Teacher)

Kenilworth High School

Our students have been challenged in so many ways and with the support of Jay Gardiner, our creative partner - they have risen to the challenge and achieved far more than their teachers, or they themselves thought they were ever capable of. As a direct result of this project we have seen that the confidence of many of the students has absolutely shot through the roof!

Teresa Pattison
creative director at Stamp-Arts

Jay is a wonderfully energetic and inspiring individual. He is very generous with his time and expertise. He contributed to a marvellous festival costume making project and led mask making activities in school festivals and carnival dance workshops over a period of three years. He also gave his time freely to editing dance films to record students work. Many teachers and students have been inspired by Jay.

This is just a few of the school and community organisations with have had the pleasure of working with.

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