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20th – 21st June 2014


We are proud to present this exclusive opportunity to be part of the region’s first ever community Job Fair and Music Festival JOB FEST.


The aim of the project is to provide a group of young people with hands on training in event management. Their training will take place while they organise and run the JOB FEST event this June. Our team of industry professionals will mentor the group, while also providing them with life skills and motivational training. The JOB FEST weekend event will target young people, but is open to anyone who is looking for work. We will provide those who are unemployed with an employment one-stop shop road show. The project will also enable artist to network with companies, and give the families of those who are looking for work access to workshops and entertainment, while the unemployed access employment based workshops and even interviews.


Chameleon WM CIC’s aims are to also bring new companies to the city, and use this event as a marketing tool for the city and its people. Providing businesses with an event where they may network, in a lively and inspirational environment.


We are looking for companies to sponsor this project for one year. Our sponsorship options are outlined below.

Option 1​.
Bronze Package
  • Social Media

  • Logo on Business to Business Managed Email Marketing to 6,000 businesses

  • Bluetooth Advertising 1,000 people

  • Logo on fencing around the event site and on site marketing for two weeks before the event​


To order this option
Option 2​.
Silver Package

Elite sponsors will receive all of the first options and the following;

  • Door to Door Leaflet marketing to 15,000 households

  • Logo on our Website for the period of your sponsorship

  • Stage Announcements

  • A business stall at the event


To order this option
Option 3​.
Gold Package

Premium sponsors will receive all of the first two options and the following;

  • Promoted on radio and newspaper editorials

  • Logo as part of any viral marketing

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on 250 Field Survey Questionnaires

  • Logo inside the event arena


To order this option
Option 4​.
Platinum Package

Platinum sponsors will receive all of the first three options and the following:

Named sponsorship of an arena. Choose from the arena below;

  • The Company Name Jobs and Business Arena

  • The Company Name Training Arena

  • The Company Name Enterprise Arena

  • The Company Name Entertainment Arena


To order this option
Option 5​.
Elite Package

Elite sponsors will receive all of the first four options and the following:


Named sponsorship of the JOB FEST Event.


  • The Company Name JOB FEST 2014






To order this option

All sponsorship options are for one year.

If you would like to sponsor more than one year please contact us to discuss the options available.

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