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Goals and Objectives

Business Goals and Objectives
The business goals and objectives for this project will focus on implementing a community run events that focuses on providing the unemployed in our area with a new and interactive style of job fair that will make job hunting an experience to remember. While providing local businesses with the opportunity to network and promote themselves:

Project Goals and Objectives

This area will be user lead, the steering group will design and manage the project and make contact with the users and local businesses:

Business Goals and Objectives

− Provide a one-stop shop for employment; expand to a touring project over the second year.
− Facilitates coordination and information sharing both internally and externally to the participating users, organisations and businesses.
− Enhances the ability and effectiveness of the young steering group to perform their jobs.
− Work with local Job Centres to market and promote the event.
− Facilitate monitoring and evaluation of the project, share the data with key stalk holders.
− Provides high levels of data security.
− Provides an open, flexible, reliable base for the future.
− Facilitate a networking system for artists and performers.
− Provide a service that is easy to use.
− Provide a family and youth friendly event.

Project Goals and Objectives

− Ensure that end users have input into the design process.
− Ensure that the steering group has input in the management process.
− Accomplish project business goals and objectives within defined budget and time parameters.

− Provide a stage for local artists to perform and network.

− Minimise impact to steering group members.
− Craft a favourable and secure agreement between the project and the selected sponsors and vendor.
− Provide three festivals across the region in the second year of the project.

Business Outcomes

− Provide a two day job and music festival for 2000 - 3000 people.

− Provide 4 employment workshops for 100 people over the two days.
− Provide event management training to 10 volunteers.
− provide funding and sponsorship training to 10 volunteers.

Project Outcomes

− Recruit 10 people to the project steering group in the first year.
− Have 1000 - 1500 young people attend the festival by the third year.
− Target 15,000 households, through Door to Door leaflet distribution by the third year.
− Provide employment-training workshops to 50 young people by the end of the third year of the project.


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