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Consultation Process

Over the last two year we have consultant with young people, schools and community groups. On local issues such as education, employment and under aged drinking. While we have been doing this we have developed a number of projects that we will now implement with young people at the heart. With the data from the consutations we can now focus our attention on projects that will make a positve impact on our local community​ and across the country.

Kenilworth High School. 


Impact on Young people​
What have been the key impacts on the attitude to learning of the young people who have taken part in this project? Do you have any evidence of this?

This project focussed on raising achievement through the development of student leadership and student voice in Kenilworth School. Matthew Snape (Deputy Head Teacher) and Mr H Abbott (HT) were enthusiastic and delighted with the many positive changes in attitude to learning that they perceived in all the students that were most involved in the project:  “YF, CB and many of the other students in this project group have improved their behaviour and their attitude towards learning tremendously. We have observed that they have taken on a completely new responsibility for their own learning.” Matthew Snape (Deputy Head Teacher).



To read the full evaluation 

YOU CAN DO IT project. 


This project was with a group of young people who wanted to raise awareness of the alcohol issues amongst young people across the city. A number of them had friends or family members who had be taken to A and E or had dead from excessive drinking. Working with Jay and Marie the group went out and spoke with young people at local hang out spots. They consultant with them about a number of issues, such as; education, employment and drinking habits. They worked alongside the city councils youth services and was supported by the head of youth services Pat Shelley.​

The group then design an alcohol awareness workshop that they presented to over 400 year 8 and 9 students, at four high schools across staffordshire. The group then went on to run a music event to 500 people, with a head line performance from McLean.

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