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Business Stall and Vendor Hire 

We are proud to present this exclusive opportunity to be part of this region’s first ever community Job Fair and Music Festival. The aim of the project is to provide artist, young people and anyone who is looking for work. With an employment one-stop shop road show. Bring companies to the unemployed while providing training to a group of young people. The project will also enable artist to network with companies and give the families of those who are looking for work access to workshops and entertainment, while the unemployed access a wide range of companies, employment based workshops and even interviews.
We are now looking for businesses who would like to attend this ground breaking event. 
What we will require from your business is that once you have chosen which package suits you best. you will receive a booking form which will require information of your lives jobs. These jobs will be promoted on our website, where the unemployed can apply.
How do they apply?
  1. They will first need to pass an eligability test.
  2. Then complete an online application form, which will be sent to your business.
  3. If you like a candidate, you can then book them in for an interview over the weekend of the event.
Interview spaces are only avalaible in Package 2.
You will also be asked to prepare a 5 - 10 minute presentation that outlines what you are about and what you are looking for from your future employees. This presentation will then be presented over the weekend of the event to small groups at your stall. 
How does the presentation work?
The unemployed attending who have registered will receive a personal ID number on a passport style booklet. When they attend your stall your staff collect the passports. 
  • Package 1
        Presentation is done while the individuals gather around your stall.
  • Package 2
        Presentation can be done standing or seated in half of your stall.
        While staff in the other half of the stall interact with passers by and book in the next group for a presentation.
Once the presentation is complete staff stamp the passports and return them to the attendees.
To book a meeting to discuss the project further please click contact us above

Book your stall now from just £350



Package 1​.

  • 3m x 3m Gazebo

  • 1 Table

  • 2 chairs



1 Day 


​2 Days


To order this option

Package 2​.

  • 3m x 6m Gazebo

  • 2 Tables

  • 4 Chairs

  • Logo on fencing around the outside of the event site.

1 Day


2 Days

     ​To order this option

Package 3​.

We will provide a discounted rate to a number of businesses who are able to provide employment training or workshop to a group of people at the event.

For more information on this


To take this option

Vendor Packages

Over the two days of the event we will require a number of vendor services. For more information on how to hire a pitch.

Food and Drink Vendors 

Arts and Crafts Workshop

Farmers Markets
Fairground Companies
Mobile Radio
DJ Marquee

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